Well Done Katy…. Again!

Katy Stable Contest

Well Done Katy

Another great performance at the last BLU contest of the year.

Even though the contest was curtailed, due to lack of surf on the Finals Day…. you “Rocked” in the heats.

Surfing with Purpose, Style and Skill, to gain the second set of highest scores out of all the ladies in all of the 1st round heats…. only surpassed by Clare Smail.

Again, as this photo shows…. you surfed with confidence and ability, especially on your now slick “Cross Steps” up the board to the nose…. a quintessential move that still most of the ladies do not perform too well.

The judges decided to give all the semi finalist 6th Equal, not a good result for you as you were surfing so well, but even with this 6th equal…. you managed a 4th overall in the BLU series for 2105… along with your 7th in the WSL European Series…. quite an outstanding set of results for you 1st full year of competition. ( Especially the 7th in Europe, as you only did the 1 event in the UK !)

Looking forward to the events next year….Well Done Katy

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