Well Done Katy

Katy Crantock

Well Done Katy.

4th at the recent BLU ladies event at High Tide Crantock

The waves were varied in size and power for the Ladies Final…. with overhead “Outside” sets, and powerful “Reforms” on the inside.

Katy had a great start to her final, with 2 Good Sized waves within 5 minutes of the start of the final, but the inside “Reforms” had the best length of rides…. and by the time Katy had come inside a little, the other girls had racked up some good scores.

Katy had a nice “technical” wave close to the end, but this was just not enough.

All the ladies in this final surfed well….Well Done Girls.

Katy is riding the new “Easy Nose-Rider Model” that she shaped herself…..(With a little help from yours truly). In this photo, you can tell the board is “Super Stable”, look at the nifty footwork right in a critical part of the wave….

Nice one Katy

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