What a “different” Summer

What can I say, it has been a very different summer for me this year. Surf has been poor, even by UK standards, so alternative therapies have been sought.

CIMG6519When the wind has been up…. kitesurfing is a “Go To” for me, especially getting there on the bike…. easier through the summer traffic, and no car park charges…. A win win!

The weather has been pretty good, so general summer fun has been high on the list…. Beach Time, Eating Out… even long walks. CIMG6134 Work has helped me keep occupied, shaping boards is almost therapy, especially as I get uinvolved with the nice bits like Nose and tail woodies and Resin Tints etc.etc.

I have done much “thinking and planning”, mainly surf trip related, and as a result….. I will be doing a few trips at the end of the summer.

Shaping boards is still a priority for me, so if you too are planning a surf trip, or just hoping for the local surf to get good… AND you need a new board….just get in touch.

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