What a good week!


What a Good Week of Surf and surf conditions…..

Loads of swell, this past week, topping out at nearly 1 & 1/2 x head high on the biggest day…. but the real thing has been the conditions…. either off-shore or glassy most of the time. A few afternoons the wind has gone cross-shore…. and only 1 day of afternoon on-shores.

Swell has been better than predicted, with Shoulder to Head high every day…. with a few sessions bigger than that, and 1 sesh really quite big!

Crowds have been minimal, apart from the “Before Work” guys getting a few, and naturally the water is always busier after 5 pm…. with school kids and the after work crew….. but most days from 9 am till say 4 pm only a hand ful out!!IMGP9642

The water temps have varied alot…. from almost full suits AND booties to today guys out in shorts!! A really changeable place for swell and conditions.

Speaking with locals here, this season (Summer) has been all a bit odd, but then the whole world is a bit like this at the moment… the seasons are just not so defined anymore.

J Bay has sure lived up to it’s reputation this past week. I Love it.CIMG1610<

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