What a great start to Autumn

KB at little fistral1

With back to back swells, warm sunny weather and off shores for nearly 2 weeks, it really has been a great start to Autumn.

The local boys including myself have been making full use of this, Fistral has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY…. but the odd gem can still be obtained if you are “On the Case”.

This pic of me was taken by Geoff Tydman at Little Fistral, I was one of only 2 guys out for over an hour, before the “crew” realised it was breaking way before the usual LOW TIDE…. many epic waves scored…..

I am still using my “Go to” mal, the old fave even though I have shaped several new ones for myself, I have just not yet commissioned them fully. I have been in the shaping bay quite a few days over this past 3 or 4 weeks, and the finished boards are starting to become ready….Keep an eye on this space, I will be posting all the pics soon.

I have some “Stock” boards for sale, but if you are looking for something special…. just get in touch.

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