Woodies on a “Resin Tint”


It is a CRAZY thing to do…. take a really nice, well shaped and glassed brand new board, and cut the nose and tail off with a saw!!

Well that is what you have to do in order to put Nose and Tail Woodies onto a RESIN TINTED board.

You can, of course, laminate the Nose and Tail Blocks with the Tinted Resin, but they will not look so bold, and if the “TINT” is heavy or dark….. the woody will almost be obscured.

So the sharp saw, and a DEEP BREATH is what is required.

All the above offcuts were the result of only 2 sets of woodies…. plus many hours of “Slightly Stressful” work….but the results will be STUNNING

After the Woodies are Glued On… the nose and tail are re glassed with Clear Resin…. so the board is TINTED but the Blocks are not…..Clever Eh!

I will photo the finished products, when they are all polished.

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